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akvola Technologies GmbH

Logo akvola Technologies GmbHakvola Technologies GmbH is a water technology company that provides cost-effective and environment-friendly solutions based on the MicroGas™ fine bubble generator and akvoFloat™ a proprietary flotation – filtration process based on novel ceramic membranes. These technologies were designed to clean hard-to-treat industrial wastewater containing high concentrations of oil (free, dispersed and emulsified) and suspended solids. Our solutions have been implemented in four major water-using industries: Oil & gas, Refining & petrochemicals, Automotive & Metalworking and Steel & Aluminum.

In a world of increasingly stringent environmental regulations and increasing wastewater discharge and disposal costs, our goal is to enable industrial sites to minimize their water footprint while meeting their environmental requirements reliably – all with a positive ROI. MicroGas™ and akvoFloat™ were designed to accomplish this goal. 

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