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Logo INTEWA GmbHWater is our element

INTEWA GmbH is a growing German company with 25 years of experience in water recycling and rainwater management. INTEWA develops reliable and persistent solution in this area and offers products for different forms of water treatment and rainwater usage, such as decentral seepage, retention and a wide range of usage of the resource rainwater. Innovation, quality and the environment are in the focus of the activities to effectively use the availablabe sources of rainwater and grey water – i.e. lightly polluted wastewater free of faeces – instead of wasting them.

INTEWA’s offer includes decentral systems for different customers, both private and commercial or public building projects. The company ensures qualified support for the planners, building contractors and operators from the idea till the plant runs reliably.

INTEWA’s high-performance products and systems, whose quality is guaranteed and documented by independent certification bodies, are sold worldwide in cooperation with a multitude of local sales partners. Cooperation and the exchange of information with national and international partners like universities, industry associations and partner firms underline INTEWA’s focus on permanent further development, research and planning in order to offer new solutions and set innovative impulses. This benefits only customers, but also the environment, as know-how and innovative strength is used to drain heavy precipitation events in a controlled way and to save water: It is a declared corporate goal of INTEWA to contribute to environmental protection.

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