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SolarWaterWorld AG

Logo SolarWaterWorld AGThe aim of SolarWaterWorld AG is to establish the utilization of solar power on boats and ships and to take over the leadership position in the world market.

The business segment of SolarWaterWorld AG does not limit itself to constructing and licensing solar driven vessels worldwide but also constructs and provides solar systems and component parts in the area of aquatics for example altering common boats to make them solar power compatible.

SolarWaterWorld AG also develops, finances and offers franchise possibilities concerning solar boat rentals in the area of tourism and provides concepts for public transport solutions employing eco-friendly solar passenger ships.

Together with the network partners, SolarWaterWorld AG will develop systems to remove plastic swimming on the surface from waters. The linkage of cleaning systems with a boat drive from renewable energy keeps the boats self-sufficient for operations on the open sea. “Catching systems” that particularly preserve the marine environment are to be developed for the boats.

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